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Our Community

Community Professional Loudspeakers is a company whose mission is to bring people together through music, entertainment and communication.  We value our employees and our customers, and we put people first at all times.

We are committed to fostering trust by acting with honesty and integrity in all of our business relationships.  We endeavor to exceed the expectations of our customers and business partners, treating them as we ourselves would like to be treated.  We supply quality products worldwide at a fair price that are trusted among the world’s most prestigious facilities as well as smaller venues. 

We provide innovative loudspeaker systems that address real-world acoustic requirements.  Our products are designed for long-term use, making them ecological sound system solutions.  We choose suppliers, product components and packing materials with the environment in mind.

We operate a safe working place for our employees, while constantly making choices that minimize any adverse effects to our environment.  Sustainability awareness is promoted throughout the company by drawing attention to unnecessary energy and water consumption, reducing waste and recycling common goods as well as manufacturing materials.

Community believes that what we do is important to society.  We strive to achieve profit and success, but always in a way that honors our ethical values and respects people and the environment.