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Technical Support

For technical and applications support, please contact the Community TAG Team.

TAG Contact Information:
Phone: +1.610.876.3400
Toll-Free (USA and Canada only): 800.523.4934
Fax: +1.610.874.0190

Community’s Technical Applications Group, or TAG, is a team of technical experts on Community loudspeakers and sound system design. TAG members provide technical support and product suggestions to Community’s dealers, distributors and end users worldwide. The TAG Team works closely with consulting firms, designers and installation contractors in a collaborative process to review designs using Community products and to create recommendations for optimal loudspeaker choices using Community.

The TAG Team is comprised of highly skilled individuals and Certified Technology Specialists™ with many years of experience in design, installation, contracting, mixing, system engineering, recording and documentation. The group’s combined experience ranges from tour sound and event production to advanced degrees in music, science, acoustic engineering and recording technology. TAG utilizes advanced prediction and tools such as AutoCAD™, EASE™, CATT™ and ULYSSES™ to review the engineering design choices made by our installation partners.

TAG is also committed to providing Community customers with honest, real-world specifications on Community loudspeakers. The TAG team provides calibrated acoustical and performance testing and documentation of loudspeaker systems including amplitude, distortion, impedance, polar curves, spherical propagation, directivity, phase, group delay and DSP settings by using measurement platforms such as TEF™ and EASERA™. Accurate loudspeaker coverage predictions including mapping, complex simulation, auralization, STI (Speech Transmission Index), and SPL (Sound Pressure Level) can also be confirmed for projects using Community loudspeakers.